There are multiple paces to park your car when visiting our shop. First, there is street parking on W Dayton Street (light blue square), which is around the corner on State Street. Second, there is a parking structure with entrances on W Dayton St, W Johnson Street, and N Carroll Street (entrances in purple squares). Finally, if you are doing an in store pickup or a very fast deal, you can pull up onto State Street with your blinkers on and park in front of the store (yellow rectangle).

Inventory Check

All of the inventory is available both in our store and online for in store pickup or shipping. On our website, we have all inventory available in their respected categories of sneakers, clothing, and collectibles (purple rectangle). You can click on any of those and scroll through our own collection or filter them by category. If you are looking for something specific, use the search bar (blue rectangle) and search for a type of shoe or even your shoe size (12 or 6.5Y or W 8). This will show you all of the shoes available in your size or whichever shoe has the name that you are searching for. Finally, if you want updates on our new inventory and to make your checkout much more simple by saving all of your information, create an account (green rectangle) and you will be updated on everything.

More Information and Contact Us

Supra Sneakers is a resale sneaker store that stocks sneakers, men's and women's clothing, trading cards, and collectibles located in Madison, Wisconsin. We accept all payment methods from cash to Apple Pay to credit cards. We only sell brand new products and guarantee that all of our products are 100% authentic. We also buy your products, so contact us via any of the methods below to sell to us. We are happy to help with anything you need so hope you enjoy our store.


Address: 224 State Street, Madison WI 53703
Instagram: @supra.sneakers
Facebook: @SupraSneakersMad
Phone Number: +1 608-630-8600